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Sites listed here without GPS coordinates are featured in our printed Travel Guide.  The guide includes GPS and has more detailed route instructions.


Belleville Spillway & Falls:  View Video
Bellville Spillway & Falls is in Southern Dane County.  Our Wisconsin Waterfalls Travel Guide provides detailed directions of where to find the falls along with GPS coordinates of the site.  When needed the travel guide also provides parking availability information, walking trail details and other information about the site.





Dunkirk Spillway:
Latitude: 42.88096   Longitude: -89.21131
The picture shown at left is a satellite image of Dunkirk Spillway, as seen from Google Earth.  This dam and spillway is in the Yahara River on downstream from the Stoughton Spillway discussed below.  The lake formed by Dunkirk Spillway is actually called Dunkirk Millpond.  There are actually two spillways at this location... one an actual spillway and one that flows through a power plant.  You could gain access to photograph the spillways but you would need to take a boat or canoe to the dam area and walk below the spillway for pictures.  The entire area is fenced so the only access is below the power plant where the only thing you can see is the effluent from the power plant.  Climbing over the fence would be a serious trespassing charge!  To get to the area, from the east side of Stoughton take County Road N for 2.7 miles south to a small parking lot on the right.  We were told the fishing is quite good below the power plant effluent.



Stoughton Spillway:  View Video
Latitude: 42.91350   Longitude: -89.21878
The lake behind this spillway is on the Yahara River that flows through Stoughton from the north and on south to the Rock River.  The actual lake is named the Stoughton Millpond.  The spillway is located 4 blocks south of downtown Stoughton on South 4th Street in Riverside Drive Park. 



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Links & Helpful Hints...
Before you visit a waterfall it is helpful to know the surrounding landscape... we use two free internet services to help.  www.topoquest.com provides free topo maps which can be enlarged and printed.  Access Topoquest and then click "find maps" on their website, put in GPS from our data (without the minus sign), click "search", then click on the first USGS map that has a DRG name, click on the map itself and select zoom level.  To navigate the area... if you want to look at an area left of the map, click on the left edge of the map, etc.  Below each map will be a listing of features shown on the map... a little work and you will learn their system (sometime clicking on the edge will not take you to an adjacent map).
We also use Google Earth.  It is a free service you can download at https://www.google.com/earth/.  Like Topoquest, you put in GPS data (or city, or county and state) and it will "fly" you to the location requested. 
There are lots of internet sites that list facts about Wisconsin... one of the best is the Wisconsin DNR site http://dnr.wi.gov/ which has all kinds of info.  Another good site is www.discoverwisconsin.com.

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