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Purpose of this website:
Waterfalling is a popular pastime of many, many thousands of people... the goal of this website is to create a database of all waterfalls, rapids, and spillways in Wisconsin so as to make it easier for everyone to locate and view the beauty of moving waters.  Some sites are on private or governmental property and cannot be visited without access allowed by the owners... our listings and photographs are created in the following categories:
     Private Property (no photographs)... the name of the waterfall, rapid or spillway is listed along with its GPS location (see below)... the name of the site is our best guess based of map, street, lake, or stream name and may not be the official name.  The fact that the site is on private property, or is accessible only via private roadways, is noted.
     Private Property (with photographs)... we do not want to be charged with trespassing and we therefore avoid private property and private roadways.  However, we sometime obtain photographs of the site with a telephoto lens or in some cases use photographs obtained from other sources (like photos on the internet... postings on the web seem to make photos public property).  Or, we have contacted owners to obtain permission to photograph the site.
     Public Property (no photographs)... some sites that do not have "impressive" photo capabilities are just listed by name along with their GPS location.  We usually put a brief description about the site as to why no photographs are shown.
     Public Property (with photographs)... most sites on this website are on public property.   Photographs and video are shown so you can decide if they are worth a visit.
     Questionable Locations... we sometimes find locations where we are not sure whether the area is private or public.  For instance, we come to a road and find a "unofficial looking" sign that says "Private Road"... if the road is gravel or dirt we will avoid it, but if it is a paved county road with a mail route we wonder how it can be private and will drive it until we find someone to discuss why we are on the road and to determine if the site we are pursuing is available or private.  If the road is private, or if the site we are interested in is on private property, we are obviously not interested in driving to or on private property.
     Final Decisions... you the viewer have final say on what is allowed to be viewed on this site... if you find anything on this site that is objectionable, just let us know... tell us why it is objectionable... that fact will be posted on the website and the objectionable photo, video or comment will be removed.
GPS Locations:
The GPS locations we list are obtained either by recording the location using a GPS device at the site or by gleaning the location from the Google Earth website satellite maps.  The Lat-Long GPS coordinates shown are not guaranteed and we assume no responsibility for any loss or delay resulting from use.
Downloading our Photos and Video:
As stated below, all data on this website is copyrighted, all rights are reserved, all data, photos, and video is the property of Miriah Systems LLC, and may not be downloaded or reproduced in whole or in part in any manner (be aware that tracking software can show us the URL address of your computer and we will know who downloads anything).  You are entitled to download our data for your own personal use, but the data, photos, and/or video cannot be used for any profit or commercial use or transferred to a friend or transferred to any third party.  Obtaining the data, photos and video shown on this website has been done at considerable expense and we will take legal action against anyone who violates our rights!  If you want to use any of our data, photos or video for profit or commercial use... contact us by email, tell us your specific needs and planned usage, and we will respond with pricing (be aware that some of our data is private and not available for sale).

Video Viewing:

When you access video viewing, either thru the "County" page or the "Alphabetical" page, you will encounter different methods of viewing; depending on several factors... such as "windows versions", "browser versions", "Microsoft or Apple", etc.  The video is created as a generic "wmv" file to show the video in a format that is supported by most any computer.  The video we show for each location is of short duration but the video viewer can either automatically repeat (so the video will play continuously until you stop it) or it will play once and stop (the video screen gives you the option to view the video once or continuously).  On the lower part of the video screen there are controls (which may not show until you scroll your mouse over the bottom of the screen) via which you can start and stop the video and the option to display the video in full screen.  When the video is closed by using the "X" in the top right corner of the video screen you will be returned to the county listing from which you came.  We are not technical experts so we cannot answer technical questions about viewing problems (you know your own system better than us)... if you have problems, send us an email and we will try to research the problem and post answers on this page.

Full Screen Stop Action Viewing:

When you are viewing a video you can stop video viewing at any point by pressing the "pause" button on the bottom center of the screen... the video will stop and you can view a full screen stop action view of the scene.
Computer Screen Resolution:
Normal screen resolutions range from 800x600 to 1920x1080... our software does not allow us to format for your particular resolution.  For best viewing we recommend that your screen resolution be set to 1280x720 or higher... the higher the better.


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The Lat-Long GPS coordinates shown are not guaranteed and we assume no responsibility for any loss or delay resulting from use.

Data on this web site may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner.
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