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Most of the pictures and video you see on our pages are taken by myself... however, we do not own a boat of any kind and some pictures require a kayak or canoe or a raft or ??? to get a picture.  Also, since I am 83 years old, I am not capable (or willing) to visit some of the sites that are extremely difficult to reach (as in 6 miles down a difficult trail, or 2 miles cross country through unmarked dense woods, or unreachable by land across private property, etc.).  So, we welcome anyone and everyone to submit pictures and/or video of spots they have visited that are not shown on our pages... especially of rapids and waterfalls that we cannot reach because they are surrounded by private property; and therefore reachable only by water transport or by the local property owner.  We want this site to continue to be the premier website that provides photos and videos of waterfalls, spillways, and rapids in Wisconsin. 

At some future time we will publish a list of sites that we have been unable to access (for various reasons) in the hope that someone will contribute photos and videos of the sites.

If we show stills or video on our web that is provided by others we will so note on this page.  We may or may/not publish contributors names... that choice is up to our contributors... if the contributor does not wish their name shown the name will be listed as private (but, if the contributor wishes, they can inform the world on their facebook or other pages that they have photos published on our site).  Contributors names and the sites where they have furnished photo and/or video are shown below:

     Ian... Little Balsam Falls and Little Balsam Rapids both in Iron County
     Katrina Moe... Big South Falls in Marinette County
     Scott... Sturgeon Spillway in Marinette County


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