"February 15, 2018 Newsletter"

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We promised more information about Sparta, WI waterfalls in our last newsletter.  Shown above is Trout Falls, a photocopy from a postcard in our collection.  We talked with people at the Monroe County Local History Room & Museum and they knew of the falls... however, the area is adjacent to the Fort McCoy area and it is questionable that the area is open to the public.  The falls is shown on several maps and is in the La Crosse River just north of the intersection of the La Crosse River and Squaw Creek.  The 1858 map shows a mill one mile North of the La Crosse River Squaw Creek intersection at a community known as Lafayette Center.  The History Museum told us that Trout Falls was a favorite picnic area in the early 1900's... we have seen other pictures that show a pavilion adjacent to the river and Trout Falls. A lot of construction in the area has significantly altered the terrain... Squaw Creek just North of the La Crosse River intersection has been damned up and the area is now named Squaw Lake.  Looking at current Google Maps it appears the La Crosse River in that area has been moved from where it is shown in 1858... will need some “on-site” observations to confirm whether or not access to the area is available (it appears to be just outside Fort McCoy property).  We will be visiting the area in March or April... if anyone can help with a more exact location, or any other details about the falls it would be appreciated.

We mentioned “old postcards” in the paragraph above... we have found old postcards to be an excellent source of photographs of waterfalls.  We have started a collection of waterfall postcards, most of which are in the early 1900's and some back to 1887.  If you do a search on eBay you will find quite a lot of early postcards. A word to the wise... you seldom need to pay what they are asking... most will take a price much less than they ask... we have never paid more than $5.00.

Three other waterfalls in the Sparta area are under research... we have seen two other postcards that show other waterfalls in the Sparta area.  We do not have the postcards but they are available for view on eBay... one is called “River Scenery near Sparta, Wis” and the other is called “Divided Back Waterfall Sparta Wisconsin WI HJ7835”.  And, a search on Google Maps shows a minor waterfall in the La Crosse River in the southern suburbs of Sparta.  So... in total we have a total of five waterfalls in the Sparta area that we will be trying to get facts about and obtain photographs (when the snow is gone).

Regards to everyone and Happy Waterfalling!
Bob Schneider

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